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Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Bob Cooper at HQ Studios Manchester


released August 19, 2014



all rights reserved




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Track Name: Live And Let Live
Give a me a reason, tell me why
We’re always looking to criticise
Our actions, our values
Our feelings, our friends
Are all that’s inside
And it’s yours until the end

This isn’t how it’s meant to be
Why don’t you step aside?
Live and let live

Standing tall
So we can see eye to eye
Stoop so low, to reach so high
Need to give up looking down on life

So we can give
So we can feel
Look past ourselves,
Let go, Live and let live
Track Name: Reach Out
What is life but a chance to take
It’s in our hands to let go of the pain
Caught up in a constant ache
Learning to love and accept the weight

Nothing to lose
With everything to gain
Nothing to lose
Let go of the pain

No more,
Can’t bare to watch you fall
You’re losing your feet again
Stand up straight,
We need to stand up tall
See this through until the end

Reach out

We’re not so different you and I
Rid yourself of the strain
Let go of the pain
Track Name: Common Ground
This is what makes me
This is what makes you
Decisions, conclusions
Define ourselves by the paths we choose
To live and to love,
A basic respect
Is that too much to ask?
Too much to expect?

We stand
We stand as one
We stand on

Human to human
We’re breaking our backs
All care and compassion
Now lost down the cracks
Wait for the day that
We can each connect
Spark the fuse
And light the darkness we set

We stand
We stand as one
We stand on
Common Ground

This is what makes me
This is what makes you
I hope that together
We can find a better way through
Track Name: Step By Step
With your mind in suspense
You hold out for a chance
While you’re living in hope
You’ll die from torment

I see so many eyes closed
As the second hand slips
Planning for futures
That will never be in reach

The only path you can take
Is the one that you make for yourself
So live now, without a doubt
Don’t let a second get away

Take it step by step
Before you find yourself directionless

Cease to hope and you will cease to fear,
The potential remains
Right now, right here
It’s in our hands
Where we hold the power
Not in another place
Or another hour

With your mind in suspense
Holding out for a chance
While you live in hope
You'll die from torment